Approaches to Art

In Art, we inspire our children by giving them opportunities to explore artists’ work in differing mediums. We look at a wide range of styles that vary from contemporary and modern, to older, traditional pieces. Our children learn about the different periods of art from all around the world, forming their own questions and opinions on them. Our children will be encouraged to ask questions, reflect on, imitate and create their own style of art using a range of resources. They will have the opportunity to build up on basic skills and techniques so that they can create a personal style based on influences studied. Where possible, curriculum links will be made during art lessons. 

In order to ensure that we demonstrate a consistent understanding of what age-related expectations looks like in Years 3, 4 and 5 as we build up to the end of Key Stage 2 at Year 6, we have highlighted examples of pupils' work focusing on the 'Master Techniques' threshold concept through drawing. This threshold concept involves developing a skill so that ideas can be communicated.