Life as a pupil at Crofton Junior School

See below to read a snapshot of life at our school by Rosie Wilkinson (Head Girl) and Pearce Knight (Head Boy).

Our learning

As a pupil of Crofton Junior School, it is important to take responsibility for our own learning so that we understand what we have to do and allow others to learn as well. There are a range of different lessons that we take part in, which can involve communicating with others or working independently. We have English and Maths most mornings. Some of our curriculum is based around a book or text driver, which we read in class on a daily basis. Our text driver  changes every term; currently Year 6 are reading 'Who Let the Gods Out?'  

In the afternoon we have lessons such as Computing, Design Technology, RE, PE and many others. Sometimes we have out of school activities such as swimming or educational visits, which are really well organised, fun and help us to learn interesting things about that subject. For example, in Year 6 we have had the opportunity to go to Laval in France and visit such places as Mont St Michel and the Bayeux Tapestry. We also have special teachers who come into school for subjects such as music and PE.



We have a special learning event every year for all year groups know as 'Inspire.' Inspire mornings that are great fun where the we are able to work with our parents or relatives for three hours on a project that we do together. There were lots of resources to choose from to make our work brilliant. The morning finished with an assembly to our families and the rest of school, where we present our ideas and work; it is enjoyed by everyone. Our parents or relatives even got to stay and have lunch with us afterwards, which is prepared by the dinner ladies and is delicious.



The classrooms are both welcoming and stimulating. In our classrooms our teachers put different things on the working walls to help us learn key vocabulary, punctuation, conjunctions and good openers suggested for our writing. There are also numeracy displays to support our learning in maths. The classroom is very well organised, for example, I have a drawer in my desk where I put my important equipment and reading book, which I take home every evening. The teachers always display our work around the classroom and the displays in school are fantastic. I feel very proud that some of my work has been displayed. Each classroom has a cloakroom area where we keep our coats and bags. Our classroom doors open at 8:45am every morning and we come in and get on with our early bird task straight away, which the teachers have set for us. Some mornings this might be a correction or challenge from a subject that we did the day before or sometimes it can just be reading our school reading books. It helps us get in the mood for learning.



Homework is set on Fridays and must be completed by the following Thursday night. Every week we read at home at least three times, learn our spellings and practise our times tables on a program called TTRockstars. That makes maths fun. If we read three times each week and our parents sign our reading record books, we receive a raffle ticket, which is drawn in class and the winner gets a prize! We earn team points too if we get all our spellings correct in the weekly test. There are also team points for good work and effort all week. At some point  during the year, there is also a homework projects to complete. For example, Year 6 have a project on the Greeks in the autumn term where we can even build an amphitheatre or coliseum.



Here at Crofton Junior School, we have many awards that the pupils can achieve, such as: times table badges, owls, shields and special awards. The best award is the platinum wall of fame when you receive a plaque with your name on it placed in the school hall. To earn these rewards, you must collect team points for great work, contributing, being ready to learn and for being kind and polite to everyone in and out of school. The team points that you earn also contribute to other things such as the team rewards. The teams are red, yellow, blue and green. Every half term the team with the most points will receive a treat such as an outdoor activity or a movie depending upon what the team captain and vice-captain choose.

Lunch Time

Years 5 & 6 have lunch between 11:55pm and 12:50pm, Years 3 & 4 12:10pm and 1:05pm. That makes lunchtime calm as it is not too busy in the dining hall. At lunch time, if it is indoor or outdoor play, we always have lots of fun. If it is outside, the dinner ladies blow a whistle and hold up a card with a class name on it.  School dinners are delicious; there are a variety of different hot and cold meals each day of the week to choose from when we arrive in school or from home if we prefer. Each day, there is a hot meal, vegetarian meal, sandwich and jacket potato option so there is plenty for everyone. 



At 2:55pm on most days, we have an assembly. They are led by teachers in school or occasionally different visitors. Assemblies give us important messages about things that are going on in the world today and important information in the local community. For example, in November we had an Remembrance Day assembly and most of us bought poppies. We sometimes sing in assembly, which everyone likes to join in with. Sometimes assemblies are about charity, for example Odd Socks Day or Children In Need. On a Friday at 2:45pm, we get to see who has been working hard in their lessons. This is our praise assembly where all the awards are presented and we celebrate the achievements of others together.

After-School Clubs

We have a variety of different clubs to choose from, which change throughout the year. This year we have been able to join choir, football and dodgeball. We have lots of fun whichever club we choose to join. Parent / carers can pay for their child's chosen club on Parentpay.



In our school, we all help each other out. If you have any worries or concerns, you can tell any member of staff, the Head Boy or Head Girl. We also have Mrs Charles who is our Learning Mentor. She is always there to help solve any problems or worries.