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Crofton Junior School's Mission Statement and Vision


Our Mission Statement:


We want Crofton Junior School to be caring, happy and welcoming, providing a safe, stimulating environment to encourage learning; fostering tolerance and mutual respect. Our school will encourage all individuals no matter what their ability, to feel equally valued and achieve their full potential preparing them for adult life.


Our Vision:


  • To provide a positive, happy and caring school environment which nurtures, respects and inspires all pupils.


  • To provide a stimulating broad and balanced curriculum with a strong focus on the basic skills of English and Maths.


  • To make our school a place where everyone, child or adult, is given the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their full potential.


  • To involve parents fully in the education of their children through regular communication, knowledge of the curriculum and the shared recognition of success.


  • To promote good citizenship and qualities which include tolerance, empathy and compassion.

School's Learning Charter



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