At Crofton Junior School, we endeavour to teach a curriculum, which is inspiring and engaging through providing our pupils with opportunities to experience ‘awe and wonder’ thereby developing a thirst for life-long learning. We provide a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum, which meets the needs of all our learners. This is achieved through the imaginative and creative approaches in which it is delivered. We ensure that our curriculum has real-life context making links to the world around us locally, nationally and globally. Our teachers are passionate about the curriculum they deliver and also the development of key skills such as team work, independence, communication and resilience, which will enable our pupils to achieve success in their future learning and on into the world of work. Our curriculum is both rich and diverse celebrating difference and fostering tolerance, understanding and respect for all.


Curriculum Maps

In order to enable parents / carers to support their children in their learning, we provide a variety of opportunities throughout the year.


Our weekly homework is focused on the basic skills of reading, spelling and times tables. Parents support in developing these skills is vital in promoting fluency, understanding and accuracy.


Each class also organises an annual Inspire session which as well as having a creative task for parents/carers and their child to work together to complete, offers the opportunity for teachers to provide specific input on a key aspect of school improvement; this year the focus will be how to support the development of reading and comprehension skills.
















Each class will also invite parents/carers to a topic showcase assembly during the spring or summer terms to share the work that they have been completing.

We also organise a variety of parents information sessions such as Maths calculation methods, supporting Year 6 in preparation for their end of Key Stage 2 tests and e-safety.

We provide first-hand learning experiences each term in order to enrich all themes through arranging high quality educational visits or visitors. We believe this has a great impact on the quality of work the children produce as well as how engaged they are in their learning. The photograph below shows Year 4 pupils' writing, Art and Design and Design Technology work during their Stone Age topic. During the unit of work, the children took part in a den building and forest survival day which linked to their text Stig of the Dump.
















We also make use of sports coaches and our pyramid schools co-ordinator to support the teaching of specific games activities and also to develop the skills of our members of staff. We are now a very active member of inter-school sporting competitions.

















We have many pupils who take part in peripatetic lessons in order to learn to play a wide variety of musical instruments. In addition to Music lessons, we actively encourage and celebrate music through our choir, Christmas and Summer concerts which enable us to develop links with Crofton Silver Band and our singing celebration as well as taking part in events such as Young Voices and our inter-school choir celebration in aid of the Jo Cox Great Get Together.














In delivering the curriculum, we make use of co-operative learning techniques in all classes. This involves children sitting in mixed ability groupings and developing the children's ability to work together when appropriate, maximising levels of engagement and ultimately becoming more independent learners. We change groupings regularly throughout the year.


In order to meet the needs of all our pupils effectively, we assess their progress on a continual basis and re-adjust planning in order to provide effective support and challenge so that children are able to move on in their learning.


Day to day assessment is supported by a programme of formal testing which takes place three times per year. Teachers use all forms of assessment to identify if children are on-track to be below, meeting or exceeding the year group expectations. They also analyse all information in order to recognise key areas for further development within pupils' learning and then plan accordingly.

We develop our pupils spiritually, morally and socially as well as their understanding of British Values through discreet subject lessons, for example RE and PSHE. Also, we develop this through our assembly themes, the manner in which the curriculum is taught and how children are expected to approach life in school. This also includes how children can safeguard themselves both in school, at home and online.

If you would like to discuss our school curriculum further, please contact school to either make an appointment with your child's class teacher or Headteacher.