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Crofton Junior School is a semi-rural school, situated approximately 3 miles from Wakefield City centre. We are a two form entry school with currently 232 pupils on roll.

Ofsted rated school as 'Good' in July 2023; however, the report states that, 'There is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school could be judged outstanding if we were to carry out a graded (section 5) inspection now. The school’s next inspection will be a graded inspection.'. Please follow the link below to read the full report.


8:30am - School gates open

8:40am - Start to the school day

8:45am - Registration closes

10:15-10:30am - Years 5 & 6 breaktime

10:30-10:45am - Years 3 & 4 breaktime

11:50-12:45pm - Years 5 & 6 lunchtime

12:10-1:05pm - Years 3 & 4 lunchtime

2:45 (Fri) / 2:50pm (Mon - Thurs) Assembly

3:10 - End of the school day

A total of 32.5 hours per week.

Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr P. Birdsall


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Miss K. Watson, Mrs H. Webster, Miss J. Walker & Mrs M. Charles


Safeguarding Governor

Mrs R. Hunter


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