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SEND Provision

Vision for SEND provision at Crofton Junior School.

At Crofton Junior School provision for those children with a special educational need is led by Miss J. Walker. We pride ourselves on providing a inclusive environment, which enables all pupils to achieve their full potential. In doing so, school has developed culture of high aspiration for all children and actively welcomes and engages parents and carers of pupils with SEND in order to work together in partnership for the benefit of each pupil.

The leaders of SEND provision are knowledgeable about SEND policy and practice and work closely with school leaders and all staff in order to ensure that best practice is shared and embedded across school. Staff work effectively with external professionals and receive high quality CPD so that they are able to adapt their practice in order to meet the individual needs of our children. ​

The school has a successful track record of supporting pupils with SEND, through effective transition processes, clear guidance and  leadership and a positive approach by all staff to continue to learn and improve their practice.

Please see below for information and supporting resources. If you require any support or would to ask further questions please email:

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Please click the buttons below to find supporting information from the NHS and Wakefield council:

Wakefield Council Support Information

ADHD Support Information


Autism Support Information

Autism Support Community

Meetings at Featherstone Community Centre

1st Wednesday of every month 6-7pm

3rd Wednesday of every month 1-2pm

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Further Support Information

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Self Esteem Guide 2.png
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Click the image to read 5 tips to help with the 'after-school' meltdown.

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